ELLSEE: Is that a giant frog¿¿¿¿
THE giant frog, if you will.
That's the aforementioned Solitary Universe, where Repiton once resided.
ELLSEE: Woah...
It's empty now, of course.
Nothing but dying stars and countless barren worlds that should have been teeming with life.
The weight that you feel on your back is, in part, empathy. A terminal condition for those of us who carry bleeding hearts.
I'm afraid that ache never goes away.
ELLSEE: WΣll... I'll tΣll you just in casΣ you don't know¡¡ On my planΣt, frogs arΣ thΣsΣ awΣ-inspiring mythical crΣaturΣs that oncΣ stood guard ovΣr all.
ELLSEE: Catching thosΣ who might bΣsmirch thΣir domain with thΣir limitlΣss tonguΣ, all that.
ELLSEE: HΣy, wait a sΣcond. Did you havΣ somΣthing to do with this too¿¿
ELLSEE: You rΣally havΣ your bonΣy fingΣrs in ΣvΣry fairytalΣ piΣ, huh¡¡¡¡
ELLSEE: I always thought thΣy wΣrΣ cutΣ whΣnΣvΣr I saw a drawing or a mural or what-havΣ-you of thΣm.
ELLSEE: MaybΣ bΣcausΣ our ΣyΣs look a littlΣ similar¿¿ SomΣthing silly likΣ that.
They are beautiful creatures, even in an enfeebled state such as this.