ELLSEE: What happΣnΣd to all thΣ othΣr onΣs insidΣ thΣ cubby-holΣ walls¿¿
ELLSEE: Or, WALLS, quotΣ unquotΣ, bΣcausΣ thΣy'rΣ not RΣALLY walls¡¡
ELLSEE: You'll probably say that thΣy chisΣlΣd in thΣ driΣd blood of Σlysium or somΣthing.
No, they are just walls. No quotations necessary.
ELLSEE: Ah, nuts. You can't say that I'm not invΣntivΣ, at lΣast¡¡
Perish the thought. Those of your aspect often are, as you've proven just now.
ELLSEE: Aw. =:)
These are the past stories I've told.
Phantom imprints of species and cultures. Attempts at salvation, now long past.
ELLSEE: Oh. How many arΣ thΣrΣ in total¿¿
Counting yours?