ELLSEE: Is that our ΣntirΣ gamΣ sΣssion¿¿ ThΣ pockΣt that you mΣntionΣd¿¿
Yes. It's called the Incipisphere.
ELLSEE: I gΣt it¡¡
ELLSEE: BΣcausΣ it's sphΣrical.
Your powers of deduction remain unparalleled.
ELLSEE: It kind of looks likΣ a littlΣ diorama... You know, thΣ kind of thing you'd gΣt in hugΣ troublΣ for knocking ovΣr in a hoity toity musΣum.
It is a cyclical, isolated space.
Once you're within it, there's no leaving its confines.
Only a temporary measure, of course. Its singular purpose is to house your game session.
ELLSEE: Oh, spΣaking of¡¡ OthΣr than thΣ wholΣ pacifying GaiaΣon thing, what ΣlsΣ do wΣ havΣ to do¿¿¿¿
ELLSEE: BΣcausΣ that sΣΣms morΣ likΣ a "final boss" objΣctivΣ. You wΣnt through all this troublΣ making thΣ GamΣ, so it has to accomplish somΣthing¡¡
ELLSEE: I'm just gonna go out on a limb hΣrΣ and assumΣ thΣrΣ's big important rΣasons why wΣ can't just sort of do what wΣ nΣΣd to do, pronto.
As I mentioned, there is only so much I'm willing to divulge at this time. Sharing all the details up front isn't conducive to my techniques, our ultimate goal, or your situation.
That is to say, you would freak out much more than you already have.
ELLSEE: ShΣΣsh. What CAN I ask you that will gΣt mΣ a straightfoward answΣr¿¿ =:/
Given that you've already formed your land, I can only imagine that you've been given the basic briefing from Lilith.
ELLSEE: LΣt mΣ guΣss, shΣ's onΣ of your mythic undΣrlings¿¿
The second eldest, yes.
ELLSEE: ThΣ connΣctions¡¡ Oh, how thΣy multiply and ΣntanglΣ thΣmsΣlvΣs¡¡
ELLSEE: That's a grΣat sΣguΣ into my nΣxt quΣstion, actually.
ELLSEE: A connΣction to thΣ othΣr connΣcting connΣction.
ELLSEE: ShΣ told mΣ somΣthing...