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-- macabreExude [ME] began trolling existereOracle [EO] --

ME: Hell.o.
ME: Ap.o.l.o.gies f.o.r the very perfunct.o.ry .o.pener
ME: Eye really had the w.o.rst time trying t.o. think .o.f the best way t.o. start this
ME: Maybe eye c.o.uld have thr.o.wn in a "dear" f.o.r g.oo.d measure but
ME: Truthfully eye d.o.n't have much interest in making this an.o.ther .o.ne .o.f my placating perf.o.rmances
ME: F.o.r .o.nce eye have every intenti.o.n .o.f speaking my mind, .o.f n.o.t letting all these th.o.ughts fall by the wayside
ME: It's n.o.thing bad, th.o.ugh
ME: .O.r at the very least n.o.thing either .o.f us haven't already gathered
ME: The p.o.int is, we haven't been the m.o.st candid with each .o.ther recently
ME: And eye w.o.uld like t.o. fix that
ME: Be warned, this is g.o.ing t.o. be fairly l.o.ng f.o.r my standards