ME: After y.o.u last c.o.ntacted me i was thr.o.wn int.o. a panic the likes .o.f which eye had n.o.t felt in quite s.o.me time
ME: The news that my w.o.rk w.o.uld g.o. t.o. waste, that it had all been p.o.intless and repit.o.n w.o.uld be uncerem.o.ni.o.usly destr.o.yed with n.o. chance .o.f rec.o.urse...
ME: N.o.w eye kn.o.w we've all been bamb.oo.zled and misled but at the time it was harr.o.wing
ME: All .o.f that eff.o.rt and study, f.o.rcibly sent d.o.wn the drain by circumstances .o.utside my c.o.ntr.o.l
ME: Eye was left scrambling, trying t.o. salvage anything that might make a difference
ME: Anything eye c.o.uld get my hands .o.n
ME: N.o.ne .o.f it mattered much, .o.f c.o.urse, as my supervis.o.r relieved me .o.f my duties s.oo.n afterward
ME: L.o.vely w.o.man, d.o.es n.o.t care f.o.r me in the slightest
ME: Eye have menti.o.ned ms. hekrix here and there bef.o.re
ME: Y.o.u c.o.uld say this is n.o.t the first time we haven't seen
ME: N.o.pe, n.o.t g.o.ing t.o. even c.o.nsider dr.o.pping excessive quirk-related puns during this speech
ME: S.o.rry if y.o.u were expecting m.o.re .o.f them
ME: Eye d.o.ubt y.o.u were, given the fact that y.o.u kn.o.w me, but
ME: Just c.o.vering my ap.o.l.o.getic bases
ME: Anyway