ME: .O.ver the c.o.urse .o.f the night, every stage .o.f grief was ran thr.o.ugh in rapid successi.o.n
ME: There's n.o. .o.ther way t.o. say it, eye was practically useless as server and client b.o.th due t.o. my ill-timed panic spiral
ME: When eye sp.o.ke t.o. miss briati bef.o.re my entry, eye th.o.ught the helpless sensati.o.n akin t.o. falling
ME: L.oo.king back .o.n it n.o.w, it was m.o.re like everything crumbling ar.o.und me
ME: Like being crushed under endless rubble, with n.o. way .o.f getting back up again
ME: And y.o.u're aware .o.f h.o.w stressful situati.o.ns impact my c.o.nditi.o.n, m.o.re than any.o.ne else
ME: What eye find strange is that this time ar.o.und every.o.ne else was als.o. privy t.o. what my third eye tends t.o. sh.o.w me
ME: Truth be t.o.ld, eye am still n.o.t sure what t.o. make .o.f it
ME: All eye kn.o.w is that the descripti.o.ns miss amalie and the .o.thers pr.o.vided .o.f th.o.se creatures strike a familiar n.o.te
ME: Eye tried t.o. tell calder s.o.me .o.f this back when he c.o.nnected t.o. me but
ME: Well, he didn't care t.o. hear it
ME: Which eye cann.o.t entirely blame him f.o.r
ME: I've heard that the tw.o. .o.f y.o.u have been w.o.rking t.o.gether amicably?
ME: Eye can't say i'm n.o.t surprised, but that might be the best s.o.rt .o.f c.o.urse c.o.rrecti.o.n he c.o.uld h.o.pe f.o.r
ME: We d.o.n't get al.o.ng like we used t.o. and anything eye c.o.uld have t.o. say ab.o.ut his demean.o.r w.o.uld surely fall .o.n deaf fins
ME: N.o.t that he d.o.esn't have every reas.o.n t.o. be pissy with me, really
ME: Y.o.u d.o. t.oo.
ME: But eye digress
ME: I'm getting a bit ahead .o.f myself