ME: After eye entered the game eye f.o.und myself in this hazed state .o.f near delirium
ME: And then eye met my denizen
ME: He g.o.es by w.o.rmw.oo.d
ME: Militant fell.o.w
ME: Blind t.oo.
ME: My c.o.ns.o.rts act as his eyes, they are these taciturn r.o.ck-like creatures that fly and survey the planet in his stead
ME: He didn't seem t.oo. keen ab.o.ut my presence at.o.p his intr.o.spective petri dish, eye will tell y.o.u this much
ME: Th.o.ugh it wasn't anger eye was met with
ME: He l.oo.ked exhausted, like he'd had this c.o.nversati.o.n hundreds .o.f times bef.o.re in the exact same way
ME: Turns .o.ut that my hunch wasn't t.oo. far .o.ff
ME: "Prince" was the .o.nly way eye was referred t.o. f.o.r the wh.o.le chat
ME: N.o.t a w.o.rd that his carb.o.l.o.ader t.oo.k much shine t.o.
ME: "Y.o.u're a disrupti.o.n", he said
ME: "Th.o.se .o.f y.o.ur kind always feel like they're .o.wed s.o.mething, y.o.u princes are all i've ever kn.o.wn"
ME: N.o. idea what he meant by that, s.o. eye pr.o.dded him al.o.ng t.o. seek answers
ME: "Y.o.u're an establishment that needs t.o. be t.o.rn d.o.wn, a wall that can't be climbed"
ME: "Stagnant t.o. the c.o.re, full .o.f impurities that eat at y.o.ur gizzards fr.o.m the inside"
ME: And it g.o.t me thinking
ME: What if he's right?