ME: What if everything i've been d.o.ing has just made me w.o.rse?
ME: N.o. well-intenti.o.ned reas.o.ning can change the fact that my pursuits were a l.o.sing battle
ME: B.o.th in terms .o.f my .o.wn health and in the.o.ry
ME: Yet eye had s.o. much pride f.o.r it, as if n.o.b.o.dy else c.o.uld pick up where eye left .o.ff if eye didn't see it thr.o.ugh myself
ME: F.o.r as much eff.o.rt as eye put int.o. my w.o.rk, eye haven't given that same am.o.unt back in .o.ther facets .o.f my life
ME: Eye c.o.uld rati.o.nalize this as just being a servant t.o. the system
ME: Isn't that h.o.w it g.o.es f.o.r every.o.ne?
ME: Delusi.o.nal wageslaves clutching at every .o.pp.o.rtunity t.o. care m.o.re ab.o.ut d.o.ing s.o.mething rather than why it is being d.o.ne
ME: We d.o.n't have a system that typically all.o.ws .o.ne the chance t.o. d.o. what they l.o.ve f.o.r a living
ME: It just s.o. happened that eye have a passi.o.n f.o.r strict t.o.il f.o.r blinks .o.n end, eye supp.o.se
ME: But that's n.o.t really true
ME: It s.o.unds unlike me, but eye insisted .o.n my research s.o. d.o.ggedly because eye was resentful
ME: Eye felt that eye had answers and that they deserved rec.o.gniti.o.n, and eye wasn't taken seri.o.usly n.o. matter h.o.w far eye g.o.t
ME: Eye did feel like eye was .o.wed s.o.mething
ME: S.o.mething eye never g.o.t, but kept chasing anyway while expecting different results
ME: Because .o.therwise it w.o.uld have all been f.o.r n.o.thing
ME: Sunk c.o.st fallacy at its finest