ME: Maybe in that regard this is a punishment
ME: This is the thanks eye get f.o.r s.o. many squandered .o.pp.o.rtunities
ME: Eye gave s.o. much .o.f myself f.o.r s.o. little
ME: Ceaseless h.o.urs .o.f study repaid in m.o.ney eye didn't want and suspici.o.us l.oo.ks
ME: D.o.n't misunderstand, i'm n.o.t arguing that my .o.bjective wasn't admirable
ME: .O.r that what we tried t.o. acc.o.mplish t.o.gether wasn't w.o.rthwhile
ME: Because eye kn.o.w h.o.w much y.o.u believed in it t.oo.
ME: I'm arguing that eye was failed
ME: We all were
ME: And n.o.w we're put in a p.o.siti.o.n t.o. fix this by any means necessary
ME: This game being said means
ME: And we the necessary .o.nes
ME: Uh
ME: Might be a bit .o.f a n.o.n-sequitur but
ME: D.o. y.o.u remember h.o.w y.o.u felt after we met?