EO: I didn't "savΣ" you that night, OccΣus.
EO: SomΣthing tΣrriblΣ happΣnΣd to you and you nΣΣdΣd hΣlp.
EO: All I did was what I thought was right, and it turns out that my intuition isn't always wrong¡¡
EO: I don't rΣgrΣt it, not in thΣ slightΣst.
EO: I'll nΣvΣr bΣ hΣrΣ lamΣnting what a tΣrribad soulmatΣ you'vΣ bΣΣn bΣcausΣ that's not how it works.
EO: And if it was¿¿ I still wouldn't givΣ you up.
EO: BΣcausΣ I know you.
EO: I know you'rΣ good, and you'rΣ going to gΣt whΣrΣ you want to bΣ.
EO: I just want to fΣΣl likΣ I'm hΣlping you morΣ¡¡ That I'm a part of it too, as sΣlfish as that sounds.
EO: But I think wΣ'rΣ both of a similar thought procΣss on that onΣ.
EO: I was so worriΣd about what happΣnΣd in our prior convΣrsations for thΣ rΣasons you mΣntionΣd. =:(
EO: But you know what¿¿ If thosΣ big wigs at thΣ tippy top of thΣ flimsy CorporatΣ balancing act havΣ dΣcidΣd that you'rΣ somΣhow not "worthy" of thΣir "humblΣ opΣration"¿¿
EO: Fuck thΣm¡¡
EO: You can ridΣ solo.
EO: Twolo, ΣvΣn. =;o
EO: Okay, I'll stop bΣing silly now.
EO: Back to our cathartic littlΣ romp.
EO: I'm rΣally, rΣally glad you rΣachΣd out to mΣ likΣ this.
EO: A lot of thΣsΣ things nΣΣdΣd to bΣ said. And also a fΣw othΣrs¡¡
EO: But lΣt's savΣ somΣ of thΣ fun for whΣn wΣ mΣΣt for rΣal again.
EO: I'll bΣ waiting vΣΣΣΣΣry unpatiΣntly, but trying my bΣst to makΣ it patiΣnt somΣhow.
EO: And if I don't hΣar from you soon¿¿ ThΣn I'll just havΣ to affΣctionatΣly pokΣ you.