EO: DoΣsn't that sound romantic¿¿ That no mattΣr what, I gΣt to bΣ your ΣvΣrything.
EO: I wish I had Σnough confidΣncΣ to say it always fΣΣls that way.
EO: Not having that cΣrtainty just makΣs mΣ cravΣ it morΣ and morΣ. Withdrawal is likΣ that, haha.
EO: I can't hΣlp it.
EO: I don't know how you can dΣal with it¡¡
EO: Or ΣvΣn if you do... BΣcausΣ, wΣll, you'rΣ right. I nΣvΣr did ask you about any of this.
EO: I didn't tΣll you how I was fΣΣling bΣcausΣ you'rΣ thΣ onΣ troll I rΣfusΣ to burdΣn with all my stupid littlΣ nΣurosΣs.
EO: I think wΣ havΣ a lot of thΣ samΣ problΣms clashing against Σach othΣr. That's why it's always so hard to talk.
EO: You'rΣ bΣating yoursΣlf up ovΣr so much stuff that isn't your fault¡¡ Just likΣ I do.
EO: You want to bΣ worth somΣthing to pΣoplΣ.
EO: That's all I ΣvΣr think about. I had a convΣrsation with MY dΣnizΣn about that part.
EO: I just hatΣ that I sΣcond guΣss mysΣlf whΣn it comΣs to you.
EO: BΣcausΣ I know that I'm wrong¡¡
EO: WhΣthΣr I sΣΣ it or not, you'rΣ always looking out for mΣ.
EO: But you nΣΣd to look out for yoursΣlf too.