EO: I hΣar you too, you know.
EO: MaybΣ not in thΣ samΣ way as you, but you'rΣ always thΣrΣ.
EO: You push mΣ to bΣ bΣttΣr, bΣcausΣ I know you root for ΣvΣrything I do.
EO: That's what I lovΣ about you, actually.
EO: You put so much Σffort and passion into ΣvΣry littlΣ hypothΣsis, no mattΣr thΣ cost.
EO: You gΣt things that I couldn't possibly wrap my hΣad around¡¡ And you usΣ all of that knowlΣdgΣ for thΣ grΣatΣr good, bΣcausΣ you carΣ so much.
EO: HavΣ I mΣntionΣd that you'rΣ smart yΣt¿¿ You'rΣ so smart.
EO: And you'rΣ gΣntlΣ and kind and you frΣt a ridiculous amount about thΣ smallΣst things.
EO: Which kind of makΣs you miss thΣ biggΣr picturΣ somΣtimΣs¡¡ =:p
EO: Occasionally, you'rΣ ΣvΣn what somΣ may call "a bit of a shittΣr", though thosΣ without our kΣΣn ΣyΣs wouldn't know it.
EO: Your smilΣ could tΣar a mountain in twain¡¡¡¡ I would pay ΣvΣry last ΣstrangΣd loop I oncΣ had to sΣΣ it again.
EO: BΣhind that bulbous think pan and chisΣlΣd physiquΣ is a chroma bΣatΣr thΣ sizΣ of our wholΣ world.
EO: And whΣn wΣ'rΣ togΣthΣr, it makΣs mΣ fΣΣl likΣ I'm a part of somΣthing morΣ than mysΣlf. In a way that ACTUALLY sΣΣms rΣal¡¡¡¡
EO: TΣchnically, I gΣt to bΣ a part of you ΣvΣn whΣn I'm not thΣrΣ¡¡
EO: That's a fΣΣling I havΣn't had in so long.