-- existereOracle [EO] began trolling macabreExude [ME] --

EO: Augh¡¡ I can't bΣliΣvΣ I just missΣd you¡¡¡¡
EO: My slΣΣp schΣdulΣ has bΣΣn absolutΣly dΣstroyΣd by all of this crap.
EO: God, it's so hard for mΣ to choosΣ what I should addrΣss first...
EO: WΣ hardly gΣt to talk anymorΣ. =:(
EO: You know, I'vΣ had convΣrsations likΣ this in my hΣad soooo many timΣs, but now that it's actually happΣning ΣvΣrything that I want to say just goΣs POOF¡¡
EO: I'vΣ bΣΣn kind of waiting for it, though.
EO: It fΣΣls good that you'rΣ tΣlling mΣ thΣsΣ things.
EO: Just... sΣΣing your mΣssagΣs always makΣs mΣ fΣΣl crazy.
EO: LikΣ I'm waiting to ΣxplodΣ¡¡