Serpaz: Answer Laivan.

-- windlessArtificer [WA] began trolling pliableDecadence [PD] --

WA: I'm doing a matesprit check in-
WA: Any smoking hot tealbloods called Serpaz in the area-?
WA: Because they should respond ASAP-
WA: Especially ones that gigglesnort- and have extra long poofy puffball hair-
WA: Those are the kind my soul resonates with the most-
PD: sweet thought but impeccably cruddy timing!!!!!
PD: im being trotted northbound on a mute steed whose temper has gone distinctly south!!!!!
WA: Yikes-
WA: Have you tried hopping off and then getting back on again-
PD: that doesnt work for EVERYTHING, laivan!!!!
WA: So you're saying you didn't try it-
PD: aaaaaaaaaaa nooooooo!!!!!!
PD: laivan im going too faaaaaaast!!!!!!! D8|)