WA: How are you typing then-
WA: And emoticoning-
WA: You should probably use that grip strength- to hold on to your spiteful steed-
PD: im using speech to text!!! the communicator doohickey has a helmet mode
PD: so ive got helmets upon helmets upon helmet-shaped hair
PD: you should know i have the utmost respect for work safety!!!
WA: Too bad there's no mandatory osmosis material- on the taming of bucking broncacos-
WA: We could've been like the archranchers from those fables-
WA: Might have been useful- in this one incredibly specific instance-
PD: its hard enough trying to wrassle up our clique for anything important!!!!!
PD: if we ever had to handle a great cattle drive??? be it from the backs of several wicked portents or otherwise???
PD: well lets just say wed have a very cheeseless spring on our hands
WA: Must be why our rediversary got sidelined so hard-
PD: tell me about it!!!!
WA: Man-
WA: I knew yesterday was always bound- to go some type of way-
WA: But actually hearing about the shit you went through was ridiculous-
WA: Weird goddamn Al huh-
PD: laivan my sweet similarly sized man i hate to say i told you so but...
WA: We found out-
WA: I thought you found out-
PD: i found out that i KNEW!!!!
PD: but in all the seriousness i can muster
PD: dont beat yourself up about it!!! because im certainly not going to
PD: i doubt we couldve done something about those clowns even if we wanted to
WA: No- I wasn't going to do all that-
WA: Just wondering if your recounting was-
WA: You know-
WA: Actually- all there was to it-
PD: huh????
PD: why would i leave important information out of our strategic group meeting????
WA: No like-
WA: Are you doing okay-
PD: im just fine!!! thats what i said in the memo and guess what? im sticking to it!!!
WA: Ah- but you see- that's how I know you're full of it-
WA: Nobody says "I'm fine" when they mean it-
WA: Suspicious of you-
PD: (|>:O
PD: ill have you know that all the stuff that happened to me last night on the things-happeningest night of the sweep was just that
PD: things happening
PD: luckily tonight is a new night with fresh progress to be made!!!
WA: Objectively though- what happened was the opposite of good-
WA: Bad- even-
PD: ugh okay if you want to be a generalist gerry about it
PD: (pronounced jerry FYI)
PD: then sure you can have your objective correctness
PD: but the biggest part of knowing is also knowing that theres an end in sight! one rough patch does not a well manicured lawnring make
WA: Pretty sure- that's not a real saying-
WA: Going to need a source-
PD: source: my wobbly metal-encased foot shoved deep inside the prime real estate that is your bungholster
PD: im just saying!!!
PD: id make my life a lot harder if i spent tons of effort caring about something that already happened
PD: its not like i had any control over the miscellaneous nonsense events that went wrong yesterday
PD: none of us did!!!
PD: whats the point in being sad about something thats not your fault???
PD: thats just feeling bad for the sake of feeling bad! nobody needs that!!!!!!
PD: lefty wouldnt have wanted that for me
PD: shucks golly i dont want it for me either!!!!!
WA: Before I respond to your-
WA: Impassioned rant about emotionally imposing- the bystander effect on yourself-
WA: Just wanted to ask-
WA: How can you think this much- on omenbeastback-
PD: one other thing i cannot control is the omenbeast
PD: begrudgingly (|>:/