WA: Okay- then allow me to retort-
PD: wait wait wait!!!
PD: before you start tearing me a new one
PD: i just thought of the perfect analogy to tie all my thoughts up into a presentable gift-wrapped bundle for you to unravel
WA: Alright- shoot-
PD: its like the very beast that im riding you see!!!
WA: Huh-? How is that-
PD: glad you asked my dearest boy!
PD: lets assume for a moment that i AM just as good as those legendary archranchers
PD: and that i am in possession of a disparaged steed which im mounted on
PD: who is also for the sake of argument representative of a whoooole lotta badness
PD: this creature who may or may not be named herbert has been exclusively dining on negativity wafers or something
WA: Why Herbert-
PD: its a terrible name and he is the most terrible of all stallions!
WA: Did you pick the name yourself-
PD: yes!!!!!!!!
WA: And why would you choose- the worst option willingly-
PD: jeeeez louise are you going to nit every pick in the bunch or are you going to let me finish my incredible lesson?!?!?!
WA: Both-
PD: grrrr
WA: Yeah-? You're going to growl at me-?
WA: What's next-
WA: Are you going to woof-?
WA: Bark- awoo and yap perhaps-?
WA: Terrible-
PD: yeah <3
PD: ANYHOO as i was positing
PD: the horrendous hoofbeast is full of woes and anger BUT i have this spectacularly colorful cart full of positive experiences by the bagfull that im dragging around
PD: and inside those bags you can see me boogeying around all the things i adore dearly
PD: so if i can get herbert to push those positive experiences forward then THAT means i dont have to worry about anything else!
PD: ill make the bad take the good wherever it needs to go (|:D
WA: Question-
PD: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
WA: Why would he be pushing the cart-
WA: Wouldn't that just have him stop and start- over and over again-
PD: no???
PD: because he has a thick skull and a long snout to keep it balanced or shunt it if necessary!!!
PD: thats the best part of this enforced masochism
WA: It would be way more practical if he just pulled it-
WA: Kind of sounds like an easy job being made harder- for no reason-
WA: And on the less literal end- like you just have a bunch of nice stuff-
WA: That's being shoved around by a big problem-
WA: You could maybe lead an omenbeast to a cart-
WA: But you can't make it suffer for your amusement-
WA: The only thing anyone can make a horse- is resentful-
WA: And you would be doing that- either way-
PD: excuuuse me for not being familiar with all the fancy logistics of how fake-real creatures could possibly work!!!
PD: i didnt have all the extra prep time to learn about these intricacies on a fancy potassium moon pastiche like SOME people!!!!!
PD: or whatever got you so boned up on these wretched things
PD: hey actually totally new but related topic
PD: i was wondering
PD: when do you think ill get my dream gal to wake up over there?????? (|:o
PD: now that were in the game i kind of assumed it would just sort of happen automatically but theres been nothing so far
WA: Um-