WA: That's a complicated question- with a complicated answer-
WA: No real one size fits all solution-
WA: I was a special case- because I woke up earlier than I was supposed to-
WA: One thing I can say for sure though-
WA: Is that you're not on Prospit-
WA: You're on Derse-
PD: which means?????
WA: It's a different moon-
PD: whats different about it???
WA: It's got more of a big city vibe- while Prospit is more like a kingdom-
WA: Which is funny considering- the royal color scheme they have over there-
WA: Think the Stronghold but worse- versus the Renaissance but better-
PD: well well well dont you seem pleased as punch about starting up a bit of derse slander
WA: None of those chumps like me anyways-
PD: so this more cityish place is keeping my cool dreaming self asleep and away from our sweet pajama party???
WA: Haha- yeah-
WA: Cutthroat Dersites can't stand the thought of you leaving their fancy violet soil- to frivolously join up and frolic about- with the local paperboy-
WA: Not even too far off honestly-
PD: so im on the moon thats full of haters is what im getting from this
WA: Yeah- kind of-
WA: I won't go too deep into it- but basically-
WA: The two moons have opposing ideologies-
WA: Prospit kisses the ground we walk on- and wants us to succeed-
WA: Derse is interested in their own self preservation- and wants us out of their way-
WA: In fact- they do everything they can- to keep the dreamselves under their care from waking up-
PD: i thought thatd be something wed have total control of!!! theyre our damn hopes and dreams!
PD: how can they even do something like that??
WA: To be fair- the place alone gives you plenty of reasons to stay away-
WA: Had some first hand accounts- of it being responsible for a few dank nightmares-
WA: Comes with the celestial placement or something-
PD: why do these guys help out at all???
WA: They fear a higher power- so they follow orders when necessary-
WA: And settle for subterfuge behind the scenes-
WA: They've got people for that-
WA: Usually the leading cause of moon wars-
PD: and that higher power does diddly squat to stop any of that???
WA: My guess is that past a certain point-
WA: He doesn't like to interfere-
WA: Just watch-
PD: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WA: What-