EXECUTIVE: ☊ My, my.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ The jades have their work cut out for them this sweep, no?
PRINCIPAL: larger batches than usual, as the ancestors all stem from the renaissance to the reconstruction period.
PRINCIPAL: though donors have been rising steadily, particularly from the older generations.
PRINCIPAL: probably intent to secure their legacy before it's too late.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ And the younger ones?
PRINCIPAL: surveys have been mixed.
PRINCIPAL: many are hesitant to contribute with no place for their offspring to inherit.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Certainly not the same one they left, assuming all goes to plan.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ When the inevitable comes to pass, perhaps the mother grubs will return to us as well.
PRINCIPAL: i'd be out of a job.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Only this one.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ You have put in more than your fair share of time for this institution's sake.
PRINCIPAL: not enough yet, sir.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Bah, don't flatter me. Flatter yourself.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ And be proud, will you? It's good for my chroma pressure.
PRINCIPAL: if you insist.
PRINCIPAL: they're right this way.