EXECUTIVE: ☊ Ah... Remarkable.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ They look just like their predecessors.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ More than usual, at any rate.
PRINCIPAL: they were edited minimally.
PRINCIPAL: the turkin descendant pupated without a hitch last cycle.
PRINCIPAL: granted, we had more than enough available material to pull from his promiscuous ancestor, thanks to the vanguard's preserved samples.
PRINCIPAL: we thought it best to keep it simple for all their sakes.
PRINCIPAL: less risk that way.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ How has he been doing?
PRINCIPAL: rambunctious for an honor student. has done more time in detention for attempting to turn the class into his personal chucklebunker than actually learning.
PRINCIPAL: he will get a chance to meet these four before graduation.
PRINCIPAL: staggering them out was the best call.
PRINCIPAL: amalie, coliad, helilo, ferroo and poemme will be halfway through their osmosis process after this batch starts school, ensuring they're in the same age range.
PRINCIPAL: voorat and raines will come last.
PRINCIPAL: i know you want to give thesal and zekura as much time to prepare as they can.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Wonderful.