EXECUTIVE: ☊ Has her survival ability manifested?
PRINCIPAL: we couldn't suppress it during the reduplication process as was requested. it would render her genetics unusable.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I see...
PRINCIPAL: the nuclear energy is a part of her cells, a naturally occurring biological process.
PRINCIPAL: and there's not much we can do to contain it during infancy.
PRINCIPAL: it's volatile and stored when not in use.
PRINCIPAL: her body can overload at times, resulting in some sort of... seizure. we have had to sedate her to avoid injury before.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ That's remarkable.
PRINCIPAL: our staff would beg to differ.
PRINCIPAL: she's already ruined two different osmosis pods.
PRINCIPAL: the other teachers fear she may lead the skulltitans straight to us, being this far below ground level.

EXECUTIVE: ☊ Oh, that's the least of what she's capable of.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Tell me something.