EXECUTIVE: ☊ Do you fear being powerless in the face of something greater than you?
PRINCIPAL: i don't.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ That's because you live in a world built to quell outrage before it has a chance to spread.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Before my time — in the far, far past — people bent their knees knowingly, to those stronger than them.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ The simple equation that is survival of the fittest, really.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Fear and determinism can be useful tools. That's why we evolved with powers that exploit such concepts.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Mosura Briati used hers to turn that old world to smoldering ash.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ From that, the world I was born into was created.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Like so many before her, she was outraged.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Unlike them, she had power.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ In an instant, the Renaissance met its end, because she willed it so.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ She was one of the deciding factors, not someone spoken for.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ We should be grateful that there was bone and rubble left to process.