: hi
: didnt see you there
: Don't get sassy!
: I said you owe me big time and I'm cashing in!
: detention changed you
: why do you even have a plan?
: whats the plan for?
: The plan is gonna help us get my new friend out of those crummy moulds!
: you made a friend in detention?
: Yes her name is Jentha and she is so much cooler than you in every way possible
: Jealous?
: very
: Then help me get her out so she can be your friend too! She doesn't have any besides me right now
: I wanna bring her to the yard
: The teachers don't let her out because she has a condition or something
: She's missing out on all the stuff that makes this place fun!
: alright
: you tell me the plan and ill let you know if its foolproof for real
: Okay, it's so simple it's actually stupid
: You know all the different places in the detention area right
: mhm
: Well I know her mould number 'cause of our leappad link
: So all we gotta do is sneak out of the slumberquarter once we're SURE the teachers are tucked in
: If we don't tip off the golems it should be smooth as jell-o!
: Us three get to have the whole place for the day!
: Haven't you ever thought about it? Just having the entire yard to yourself?
: not really
: Well you're a little dweeb boy who likes picking flowers and doesn't even know what fun means so it doesn't count
: whats not fun is being grounded forever until graduation
: which is what it sounds like you want to happen
: we dont know whos gonna be here after hours
: It's a risk I'm willing to take!
: for someone you just met
: that you dont actually know
: I'd do the same for you if you were her
: Wouldn't you do the same for me?