: So obviously we're not gonna let this nutso cramp our style
: Best plan is to let him follow us for a second to lower his guard
: And then, very CASUALLY, we stuff him neck deep into a cleaning station!
: If he finds out that he likes the taste of bleach more than stolen candy then that's a bonus
JENTHA: sounds good to me
JENTHA: i dont know him and you guys dont like him
JENTHA: win-win
: i dont know
: he helped us and we didnt even ask him to
: wouldnt leaving him out be in—
: Don't say it
: I'm warning you
: ...
: bad faith
: No! It wouldn't be! The only reason he did that in the first place is 'cause he's looking for trouble!
: by getting us out of trouble?
JENTHA: wait
JENTHA: i think theres a real simple solution to this
JENTHA: hear me out
JENTHA: is he a snitch
: Worse
: He's annoying
JENTHA: lets just annoy him back but way better then
JENTHA: we beat him at his own game and then he goes running back to his cozy slumber pod
: I like the way you think!
JENTHA: that makes two of us
MURRIT: you guys plannin' on wrapping this up sometime this wice? we're kinda wasting precious minutes of freedom here.
: just let him join
: its the path of least resistance
: That's why I don't like it!
: Grrr