: Turkin, you can come play with us on ONE CONDITION
: When we're all finished here, this NEVER happened. Got me?
MURRIT: right on.
MURRIT: anything else?
JENTHA: yeah
JENTHA: you also have to go through our friendship initiation test
JENTHA: where you hit your head really hard and see if you can remember how to speak after
MURRIT: wow, you must've passed with flying colors!
MURRIT: little freakshows who get stuffed in detention for their entire grubhood prob'ly shouldn't be trying to act so rough skinned.
: As if you can talk!
MURRIT: yes i can! 'cause when i get sent down there, it's on purpose.
MURRIT: y'know, unless some little schlub decides to take the fall for me.
: hey
: knock it off or im sending all of us back to the chamber
: do these rules sound fair to you murrit?