Kids: Approach the Yard.

: i've got the lights
: You better have gotten all of those cameras on the way here too, or else we're screwed
MURRIT: chillax, twintails, this isn't my first trip out. that candy's not just there for eatin', y'know.
MURRIT: i do this sorta junk all the time! i'm a breakout expert.
MURRIT: calder's usually on guard and diversion duty so i can do what i gotta do, when i need some extra hands.
MURRIT: tried to make him come with me tonight, didn't do it like usual. the dope gets heebie jeebies real easy.
MURRIT: i never go out this far, though. too risky without backup.
: Okay you shush
: I'm gonna double check the hall, you guys go on ahead and I'll catch up after I make sure the coast is clear