MURRIT: so whatcha think of the digs, new girl? everything you dreamed of, trapped inside those four tiny walls?
JENTHA: woah...
JENTHA: thats all ive got just
JENTHA: woah!
JENTHA: you get to mess around on all this stuff every night??
: so long as the others dont ruin it for everyone else at least
: and we can actually get a spot
: the swings are a nightmare
JENTHA: i cant imagine this place swarming with people
JENTHA: hey whats the big dome for?
MURRIT: dunno.
MURRIT: but i heard from this one dude in the midblood class that they're for keeping out nasty monsters.
JENTHA: oh please
: dont start with that fake stuff
JENTHA: like id believe something thats more scuffed than most of my movies
MURRIT: nah, nah, it's completely legit!
MURRIT: there was somethin' in those caves waaaay before we got reduped.
MURRIT: they took out the memories during osmosis so we wouldn't go searchin' for 'em, but that kid figured it out... and had to get rehabilitated.
MURRIT: maybe they're a friend of yours?
JENTHA: bite me king shrimp
MURRIT: i know you are, but what am i?