DISMAS: This is the l/\st time we're doing this
DISMAS: Got it?
BOOBDRONE: 's the last thing we need before i can get to work.
BOOBDRONE: so yeah, pickin' up what you're puttin' down.
BOOBDRONE: last piece of the great puzzle you've been helping me rig, yadda yadda.
DISMAS: Hm. It just feels w/\y too e/\sy for /\ "fin/\l mission" coming from you
BOOBDRONE: aw, didja think i had something special lined up? what did ya expect?
DISMAS: You know wh/\t, I'\/e decided to gi\/e up /\ny further expect/\tions
DISMAS: Don't you just get tickled tyri/\n when I do my job the w/\y you w/\nt me to?
BOOBDRONE: yup yup, that's all it is.
BOOBDRONE: regular old job.
BOOBDRONE: nothin' more, nothin' less.
BOOBDRONE: and lookie, angry eyes, it's just ahead.