A bit of tension between a denizen and its player is not at all unexpected. Aspect holders are often prone to an initial "refusal of the call", as it were. With effort, they might eventually come to embody their mythological roles, but the parameters of that acceptance are squarely on their terms. What the denizen and a given hero might want could be entirely at odds; It is then up to the player to prove the assessment of their character wrong, asserting their own identity in the process.

Mind players deal with this tribulation more intensely than most. Often, their greatest hurdle is one of rationalization, not only contending with the greater idea of TRUTH, but also with the necessary understanding of their own internal LOGIC, thus coming to a deeper CONCLUSION in regards to the SELF. Contrast this against a trial of Heart, in which EXTERNALIZING and ACCEPTING the ALREADY KNOWN becomes the far greater obstacle. Mind aims to know, Heart aims to show.

Though in retrospect, you doubt standing your ground and bull-rushing into this maze did you any favors.

Oh well.