Laivan: Answer special someone.

-- pliableDecadence [PD] began trolling windlessArtificer [WA] --

PD: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! (|:D
WA: Hey-
PD: laivan!!!
WA: That's me-
PD: i know!!! (|:o
PD: but hey listen!
WA: No- YOU listen-
PD: wait
PD: what??
WA: Oh- I didn't actually have anything to say-
WA: I just wanted to keep up with the "listen" gag-
WA: What's up-?
PD: well i got UKs memo about this big game thing that were all supposed to do as a group right
PD: but i dont really get it? i mean im a big fan of wacky plans and assorted shenanigans as you know
PD: and by GOLLY does this guy ever know how to get wacky with the best of them
PD: im feeling this one might be a little too complex to wrap my simple cranial thinker around though
PD: which is really saying something because i can kinda understand what hes saying some of the time! probably!!!
PD: the point is i know youre a bit more buddy buddy than i am with mr. technodrome
PD: so do you have any actual readable information that you can bestow upon me? did he give you a briefing too??
WA: Yeah I talked to him a while ago-
WA: Pretty sure he at least shot that memo in everyone's direction-
WA: Well-
WA: Except hers-
WA: For whatever dumb reason he managed to come up with-
WA: But as far as like- an in depth lowdown of why and what exactly we need to be doing-?
WA: I'm not really sure myself-

WA: Just that it's been something he's chipped away at over the sweeps-
WA: Which I know you already know-
WA: And it's at least kind of important- I guess-
PD: yeah but why????????????
WA: I dunno- it just is-
WA: Trust me-
PD: so youre telling me that we are blindly following the instructions of a greasy fish man without
PD: 1. any plan whatsoever
PD: and 2. a complete and total agreement from the entirety of the friend riff raff?
WA: I mean-
WA: Yeah-
PD: oooooooh my god
PD: color me about 322 shades of skeptical (|:/