WA: Though- you're at least curious about it- right-?
WA: Sounds pretty interesting if nothing else-
WA: This is not your usual type of-
WA: Game delivery method-
PD: i mean
PD: yeah!
WA: Are you just saying that to mock me or do you actually mean it-?
PD: bit of both (|;)
PD: duh!!!
WA: That works-
PD: i seriously cant believe we havent had ANYBODY speak up and say "no i dont want to do this! that sounds dumb!"
PD: or if that did happen they certainly havent tried very hard to get their point across
PD: as far as i know this is all just kind of happening!!!
PD: man tonight really is the night when things decide to happen
PD: im tired of things happening tonight specifically
PD: we need a new thing happening night
PD: im making the motion for it right here right now
PD: and since everyone apparently just doesnt care im assuming theyll all vote for it!
WA: I'm all for that-
WA: I'd be cool with things happening a bit more on a different night-
WA: Shake it up a little-

WA: Sadly- I don't think we can change the universe's affinity for this one pattern-
WA: I go through a constant cycle of like- nothing happening ever-
WA: And then suddenly- like a hundred things decide to happen on this night-
WA: For reasons unknown to us mortals-

WA: Other nights too- sometimes- but mostly this one-
WA: Some good came out of it though- a few sweeps ago-
WA: Woof-
WA: :)
PD: are you making reference to what i think youre making a reference to???
PD: there are a lot of things that have occurred tonight so i just want to be completely super duper sure thats the topic were on here
WA: I totally am-
WA: The good part of it- not the bad part-
PD: oh so you mean the part where you shot me in the leg
PD: permanently leaving me with a limp? forever??
WA: Yeah, uh- that's the bad part-
WA: The part I didn't want you to talk about-
WA: Can we please not talk about it like that-
PD: but its important to our history!!
PD: how many people find true red romance over the course of a single night?
PD: ive said it before and ill say it again
PD: that bullet was magic!!!
WA: No- the bullet was just a bullet-
WA: Trust me- I checked-
WA: Everything that happened after the bullet was magic though-
PD: man we really are just all of the things that they say are wrong with feelings and romance huh
PD: did you know that??
WA: Oh, yeah- I sure do-
WA: Completely gutted by the fact-
WA: How did we continuously insist on this slapdash whirlwind affair for two sweeps now-
WA: I question myself constantly-
PD: oh wow same!!! me too dude
PD: usually after that happens though
PD: i send you a little heart emote
PD: and i feel better
PD: <3
PD: bam now everything is okay and i can tell you that i love you!!!!
WA: Thanks-
PD: say you love me back and also happy anniversary you maggotweasel!!!
PD: i wont be able to go be worried about this game situation amicably if you dont do that much for me at the VERY least
PD: weve already started getting cheesy with it so we need to seal the deal
PD: cmon wolf boy stick the landing
WA: Okay-
WA: I love you-
WA: Happy anniversary-
WA: And I'm very glad I'm stuck with you-
PD: the feeling is mutual!!
PD: now im going to go ahead and look for more info on what in the sam hell all of this nonsense even IS
PD: then ill probably forget im doing that and just stay optimistically anxious
PD: something tells me that the machinations of chief executive "tv set control freak" are not going to end up compromised by little old me (|:p
PD: but promise me something
WA: Yeah-?
PD: keep an eye out for alpocalypse news alright?
PD: they havent managed to sink their jesterly claws in around here yet but i dont put anything past his nasty wiles at this point (|:///
WA: Honestly if he wanted to enlist us in his-
WA: Horrific- accordion packing- polka party murder circus-
WA: We would already know that by now-
PD: whatever i just cant believe its still gaining traction
PD: to think i used to be the biggest fan and supporter of a long haired cultist goon who has since gone on a crazy rampage complete with a militia and otherworldly demons
PD: JUST for the sake of his own sadistic amusement and giant ego
PD: guess stuff like this really makes it seem like the world is going to be ending soon huh?
WA: Guess we'll find out-
PD: guess we will
PD: (|:)
WA: Don't smile like that after all this ominous talk-
WA: It's scary-
PD: pfffffft
PD: bye laivan <3