Ellsee: Begin investigation.

-- existereOracle [EO] began trolling windlessArtificer [WA] --

EO: Ting ting.
EO: ΣxcusΣ mΣ, is this *insΣrt whatΣvΣr silly string of stronghold numbΣrs you want to usΣ in ordΣr to rΣprΣsΣnt an unusΣd aquifΣr*¿¿
EO: I'm hΣrΣ to visit thΣ ownΣr of this ΣstablishmΣnt. I'vΣ got a proposition hΣ might bΣ intΣrΣstΣd in¡¡
EO: WΣ'rΣ hydrohomiΣs, you sΣΣ.
WA: Hey-
WA: You warmed up to it quicker than I expected-
WA: Thought I'd wind up having to- strong arm you into the position-
WA: With sad eyes- and terms of platonic endearment-
EO: Pfft.
EO: Try that routinΣ on mΣ and sΣΣ how far it gΣts you. =XP
EO: I'm rΣsiliΣnt¡¡ A mΣgalith of Σmotional fortitudΣ, standing tall and rΣsolutΣ in thΣ midst of tiny wigglΣrs.
WA: Oh no- There's a mild breeze coming through-
WA: Watch out- the bastion is crumbling-
WA: You're gonna stub your toe on your own facetiousness- and cry about it-
EO: FuckΣr¡¡
WA: That's true-
WA: But consider-
WA: I'm right-
EO: I usΣd your stupid nicknamΣ, you HAVΣ to bΣ nicΣ to mΣ.
WA: I'm so nice to you-
EO: You'rΣ not¡¡ You suck¡¡
WA: I'm nicer to you than to almost everyone else-
EO: Alright, I can't say that's wrong.
EO: Anyway, DΣSPITΣ your smug attitudΣ, it's all bΣΣn coming up ΣllsΣΣ rΣcΣntly¡¡ ThΣ gΣnΣral rΣspΣct-o-mΣtΣr is climbing highΣr, bΣliΣvΣ it or not.
WA: Yeah-
WA: You've been making more friends and enemies than ever- in record time-
WA: Going to need a Corporate credit account- for all the dividends these transactional associates are paying-
EO: I'm hΣrΣ to talk to you about that, actually¡¡
EO: OnΣ of our mutual associatΣs.
WA: Well- what do I get out of it-
EO: You gΣt...
EO: ThΣ warm, fuzzy fΣΣling of having hΣlpΣd mΣ solvΣ an ongoing capΣr¡¡
WA: Hm- That's not how this works-
EO: Oh, comΣ on¡¡
WA: I know I'm your go-to theory crafting buddy-
WA: But as much as I love a good ongoing conspiracy- by way of gossip-
WA: I'm neck deep in a proverbial pool of issues that need my attention-
EO: And this is onΣ of thΣm¡¡
EO: I got thΣ insidΣ scoop on somΣthing big that's bΣΣn affΣcting us for a whilΣ now.
EO: You didn't hΣar it from mΣ, but thΣrΣ might bΣ somΣ... sabotagΣ happΣning bΣhind thΣ scΣnΣs.
WA: How so-
EO: I can't tΣll you yΣt.
EO: I said I wouldn't. =:(
WA: See- this is what happens whenever someone asks a reasonable question-
WA: Always with the binding promises- or unclear happenstances-
WA: What do you think would happen if we could just to talk to each other- like normal people-
EO: MaybΣ wΣ'd all bΣ holding hands in a circlΣ, skipping around and singing old folk songs togΣthΣr¡¡
EO: UnfortunatΣly, nonΣ of us arΣ normal and all of us havΣ history.
WA: Speak for yourself-
EO: I'm spΣaking for mysΣlf AND for you¡¡
EO: MorΣ spΣcifically, for you and ArcjΣc.
WA: Is this about him-?
EO: YΣs.
WA: Is it about his memory again-
EO: Kind of.
EO: I was hoping you could maybΣ just, likΣ... tΣll mΣ if you know anything about him that I don't.
WA: We've both been keeping tabs on that whole thing since it happened-
WA: What could I know that you haven't gleaned by now-
EO: WΣll, for startΣrs, I basically had to sΣnd him a wholΣ novΣl to gΣt him to noticΣ mΣ onlinΣ bΣforΣ yΣstΣrday happΣnΣd.
EO: But hΣ just rΣpliΣs to you whΣnΣvΣr hΣ fΣΣls likΣ it¡¡
EO: It's likΣ you'rΣ this Laivan-shapΣd ΣxcΣption to whatΣvΣr's bΣΣn mΣssing with him sincΣ that fatΣful night.
EO: You'rΣ thΣ only onΣ hΣ spokΣ to about it to bΣgin with.
WA: He told me an abridged version of random thoughts and feelings he had-
WA: Wasn't much of anything-
EO: It's still morΣ than what I got¡¡
EO: And Taz hasn't bΣΣn of any hΣlp whatsoΣvΣr.
WA: Because she doesn't like you anymore-
WA: Due to you repeatedly telling her- that Arcjec's quasi-amnesiac nonsense is her fault-
EO: WΣll, it is¡¡ At lΣast in part.
EO: I'vΣ changΣd my tunΣ a littlΣ.
EO: I think that might havΣ bΣΣn thΣ inciting incidΣnt, but not... all thΣrΣ is to it.
EO: So, I'm following my own advicΣ and taking stock of ΣvΣrything wΣ know¡¡
EO: TΣll mΣ what you'vΣ got¡¡
WA: Did you know he smokes now-
EO: WHAT¿¿¡¡