WA: He's taller than both of us-
EO: You wouldn't gΣt it. It's an ΣstablishΣd thing bΣtwΣΣn us.
EO: HΣ will always bΣ cursΣd with youngΣr rΣduplication status no mattΣr how big hΣ gΣts.
WA: Alright- I choose not to be involved with your weird familial dynamics-
WA: He's also been going pretty hardcore on the Code Red-
EO: Oh no. ThΣn it's a lot worsΣ than I thought. =:(
EO: How thΣ hΣll did you figurΣ any of this out¿¿
WA: We met up for a minute a couple blinks back-
EO: So you'rΣ tΣlling mΣ. You just swung by our old hivΣ. And somΣhow managΣd to gΣt thΣm to crawl out of thΣ front door and grΣΣt you.
EO: ArΣ you mΣssing with mΣ¿¿ ArΣ you pulling my lΣg right now¿¿¿¿
WA: No I'm not- because that's not how it went down at all-
WA: Speaking as someone who knows his fauna-
WA: Arcjec Voorat is a creature of habit-
WA: Sure- they won't open the door no matter how many times you knock-
WA: But they still have the urge to check their old haunts- and feel like a modern troll for a couple hours-
WA: I drop by SH21 pretty often for goods and services- and other such amenities-
WA: And every once in a dark moon's eclipse-
WA: Our paths cross-
EO: You two bumpΣd into Σach othΣr¿¿
WA: We did-
WA: Then I started following him to see where he went- very casually-
EO: Oh, so you wΣrΣ STALKING him¡¡ I sΣΣ.
WA: It wasn't stalking-
WA: It was tactical trailing- born out of care-
EO: Right, my mistakΣ.
EO: I should havΣ rΣalizΣd this was somΣ intricatΣ palΣ pink ploy from thΣ start¡¡ You frΣaking wΣirdo¡¡¡¡
EO: What's gonna bΣ your nΣxt grand gΣsturΣ to gΣt that diamond lockΣd in, huh¿¿ A ransom notΣ¿¿
WA: Damn-
WA: I just spontaneously forgot everything else that happened- I caught the memory disease going around-
WA: Looks like I'm going to be of no help to you-
EO: Nooo, comΣ back.
EO: KΣΣp going, I'm donΣ.
WA: He still hits up this store we used to hang out in- called the Android's Dungeon-
WA: Sells bootleg comics and other associated media garbage-
WA: I sort of moseyed around- and made sure to avoid the owner so he wouldn't call me out-
WA: I don't think Arcjec even really wanted anything-
WA: They just rifled through the same holoracks over and over- before heading toward the back for the physicals-
WA: Then I went in- tapped him on the shoulder all like-
WA: Hey- how's it going- crazy seeing you here-
WA: He just stood there for a while- like he'd seen some paranatural entity burst from the noise-
WA: And then he got all slouchy- and told me we should talk out back-