EO: I can't imaginΣ him anything othΣr than irritatΣd at bΣing snappΣd out of his lonΣly funk.
WA: That's not the word I'd use-
WA: More like- nervous-
WA: He's still wearing that outfit I made for his six sweeps wriggling day-
WA: The gray hoodie and blue jeans combo-
EO: No way¡¡ That old thing¿¿
WA: Yep- Worn down and then some-
WA: The pants were all frayed at the end- and the hoodie was scuffed on the arms- and had these ratty little holes in it-
WA: Like he never took it off after I gave it to him-
WA: Gave me a chuckle- so I asked him about it-
WA: Turns out he used his modus to replicate a bunch of copies- but I think he was just playing coy-
WA: Either that or he likes the original best-
EO: Did you put tΣndΣr, rosy fondnΣss into ΣvΣry thrΣad¿¿
WA: Wouldn't you like to know-
EO: No¡¡
WA: Didn't think so-
WA: Anyway- they brought the pack out after that-
WA: Even offered me one-
EO: Which I hopΣ you turnΣd down¿¿
EO: PlΣasΣ tΣll mΣ you turnΣd it down. That stuff will kill you¡¡
EO: Or most dΣfinitΣly at lΣast knock you out, bΣcausΣ you'd bΣ hacking and coughing so much. =:/
WA: I considered it-
WA: My best friend extended me his version of a peace offering- of course I wasn't just going to say no without thinking-
WA: In fact- I kind of regret not taking it-
WA: A shrug and a "suit yourself" might as well be a death sentence- when you're trying to play it cool-
WA: Think I saved it by lighting the cig for him though-
WA: He was really out of sorts- couldn't get the thing to work-
WA: They asked and I was like-
WA: Of course I don't mind-

WA: Pretty sure that was the closest we've been to each other in sweeps-
EO: Oh my god, this is gΣtting Σmbarrassing for both of us.
EO: I don't nΣΣd THIS much dΣtail¡¡
WA: You invited the details in- as soon as you asked for information-
WA: What- you want me to lie-? You know how I feel already- who cares-
EO: It's not that you HAVΣ thΣ fΣΣlings¡¡ It's just thΣ way you talk about it¡¡
EO: HΣaring this stuff would makΣ any troll with a sΣnsΣ of propriΣty want to crawl six fΣΣt undΣr and suffocatΣ in thΣir own shamΣ.
EO: WΣ'rΣ not supposΣd to carΣ this much about othΣr pΣoplΣ's soulbound issuΣs. It fΣΣls likΣ you'rΣ brΣaking into privatΣ propΣrty, you know¿¿
WA: Great argument-
WA: I don't care-
EO: You'rΣ Σxploiting mΣ¡¡ ShamΣlΣssly rΣlaying all of your sordid moirail woΣs¡¡ If this was a rΣspΣctablΣ ΣstablishmΣnt I could gΣt you writtΣn up for harassmΣnt.
WA: Calling your bluff-
WA: Who are you going to snitch to tent girl-
WA: Your own moirail-? Lol-
EO: =>:O
WA: Consider yourself burned you filthy arsonist-
EO: I cannot bΣliΣvΣ you would sink that low¡¡ You know I don't likΣ it whΣn I start forΣst firΣs¡¡
EO: And aftΣr I told you how nicΣ you nΣΣdΣd to bΣ¡¡
EO: Now you'vΣ madΣ mΣ fΣΣl so ashamΣd that I HAVΣ to lΣt you finish.
EO: But sΣriously, hurry¡¡ I'm on a bit of a tight schΣdulΣ.
WA: There's not much left to say- it went by pretty quick-
WA: He's way wordier through text-
WA: I was the one who had to keep the conversational ball rolling up the hill- before it fell back down again-
WA: There was one moment though- I brought up this stupid trick we used to pull together-
WA: Back when we played those capeshit games every night- because we were obsessed-
EO: YΣp, I rΣmΣmbΣr¡¡ What a phasΣ.
WA: Wasn't it your fault he got into all that to begin with-
EO: Could bΣ. =;)
EO: WΣrΣ you talking about thΣ glitch whΣrΣ you guys lookΣd likΣ you wΣrΣ fusing your playΣr modΣls togΣthΣr¿¿
WA: Yeah- and how we managed to beat one of the hardest bosses in the entire campaign like that- and it actually fucking worked-
WA: He was laughing so hard- like it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard-
WA: Big goofy grin with the dull little fangs-
WA: Didn't seem to have thought about it in ages-
WA: Dude had to hold the wall for support- he was wheezing and saying he felt like he was going to puke-
WA: So I was like- now you know how I feel every day-
WA: And-
WA: I don't know-
WA: Even though it was just a couple of minutes-
WA: I knew that what I was doing wasn't a lost cause-