WA: He's still in there somewhere-
WA: It comes and goes- but it's there-
WA: You already know what I think- it's like there's something holding him back-
EO: LikΣ...
EO: SomΣthing in his hΣad¿¿
WA: Amnesia and depression yes-
EO: No no no, not likΣ that¡¡
EO: SomΣthing ΣlsΣ.
WA: Like what-
EO: SomΣthing likΣ... a blockadΣ.
EO: A dΣfΣnsΣ mΣchanism that kΣΣps what hΣ THINKS is bad for him lockΣd away.
WA: Sounds strange- but stranger things have already gone down-
WA: I mean-
WA: We did end up talking more than usual since then-
WA: Last night included-
WA: Maybe all he really needs is a push-
EO: I sort of doubt it's going to bΣ that Σasy.
EO: But this doΣs givΣ mΣ morΣ of an idΣa of what might bΣ going on¡¡
WA: Going on how-
EO: I'vΣ got to do a littlΣ morΣ digging bΣforΣ I can rΣally say for surΣ.
EO: ThΣrΣ's a lot of moving parts coming togΣthΣr to paint a spΣctacularly tΣrrifying picturΣ.
WA: What did you mean by this-
EO: You'll sΣΣΣΣ.
WA: I'm not sure if I want to-
EO: Such is thΣ way of thΣ woman wrappΣd in a mystΣry within an Σnigma insidΣ of a riddlΣ¡¡ =;D
WA: Please don't start proving any of these assholes right-
WA: Keep anything creepy to a minimum- for my sake-
EO: I'll try¡¡ But ΣvΣry now and again I just can't hΣlp mysΣlf.
EO: ThΣrΣ arΣ mattΣrs I havΣ to attΣnd to, but wΣ'll talk again soon.
EO: KΣΣp mΣ postΣd if thΣrΣ's any dΣvΣlopmΣnts on your Σnd¡¡
WA: Will do-
WA: Talk to you later-
EO: Stay safΣ, Laivan.

-- existereOracle [EO] stopped trolling windlessArtificer [WA] --