Laivan: Answer you know who.

-- unclaspedKahuna [UK] began trolling windlessArtificer [WA] --

UK: >([wazzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup]
WA: Oh-
WA: You're here-
UK: >([in za digitized meatcoat babs]
UK: >([say]
UK: >([inquiring synapse scrawlers gots a big q prepped]
UK: >([w#at say u an me get a focus test goin on #u#?]
WA: I thought you hated when people asked stupid questions-
WA: But sure-
UK: >([bodongulas]
UK: >([stop me if youv #eard t#isun before bc t#e opening acts kindo groan wort#y]
UK: >([do you know t#e definition of insanity]
WA: Does talking to you count-
UK: >([does my expecting u to say t#at count]
WA: Touche-
WA: I dunno-
WA: Doing the same thing over and over- like an idiot -
WA: And expecting a different result- until you finally give up-
WA: But I'm sure you're familiar- since you're the most repetitious jackass I know-
UK: >([close but no wacky nicosucrose]
UK: >([more like t#e opposite]
UK: >([its doing everyt#ing different every single time but still gettin t#e exact same result no matter w#at]

UK: >([weve had this conversation before]