WA: What-
UK: >([over a blink ago]
UK: >([we did this already]
UK: >([which laivan are you]
WA: Uh-
WA: Ferroo- Last I checked-
WA: Do you have any objections to me being Laivan-?
WA: Because I don't do that roleplay shit anymore-
WA: I have standards-
UK: >([my laivans dead.]
UK: >([and i cant get in contact with any others anymore so thats gotta mean youre the real deal]
UK: >([or the true deal if we wanna be all official about the nomenclature]
UK: >([god why am i tellin you this. it means the exact same fuckin thing]
WA: Excellent question-
WA: Maybe I should be the one asking it-
WA: But alright- let's humor this bit-
WA: I'm more interested in that other part-
WA: How did- quote unquote- your Laivan die-
UK: >([cant tell you]
WA: Right- that's usually how it goes-
WA: Well- I hope you smothered his entrails- with the respect and affection they deserve-
WA: Etc-
WA: I'm not dead though-
WA: So let's talk about something else-
WA: Like how desperate you're being right now-