UK: >([what?]
WA: Seriously- It stopped being funny ages ago-
WA: You've got to give it up already-
UK: >([okay i have no idea what your murrit wound up doin but as an alt version of her i gotta stress im aware it was pppprobably something pretty terrible]
UK: >([wish i could take responsibility for it but thats not my job]
WA: So- what is your job-
WA: Trying to have another go at murdering Ellsee-?
UK: >([i dont wanna talk about her]
WA: Yeah- I bet you don't-
WA: Too bad that's what we're doing-
UK: >([look whatever the fuck hangups your murrit has goin on im sure it sucks]
UK: >([but me and ellsee, MY ellsee]
UK: >([we were close]

UK: >([and ive got her blood all over me rn so maybe we steer clear of this specific convo]
WA: Oh tight- the fact that you said you were close totally convinced me-
WA: I'm convinced-
UK: >([wow really]
WA: No- Lol-
WA: Why are you even talking to me-
UK: >([just doin what i do best]
UK: >([taking advantage where i can]
UK: >([its really nothin but trouble]
UK: >([i was tryin to find somewhere else to go before its too late but no dice]
UK: >([well being able to talk to you is something]
UK: >([guess that means they were right]
UK: >([once youre at the end everything just goes tumblin down]
UK: >([the rules dont matter anymore]
WA: Who said that-
WA: White Noise-?
WA: No- that doesn't sound like him-
WA: Hang on a second-
WA: I think you told me about this "them" once- when we were dreaming together-
UK: >([if u dont know their name yet then just keep it that way]
UK: >([saying this out of spite btw. i could tell you but its the principle of the thing]
UK: >([theyre a snake in furry clothing]
WA: Sounds taxonomically messy-
UK: >([dont even get me started]
UK: >([its kinda nice getting to see you type again tho yknow]
UK: >([we stopped rubbin our ribeyes together after a while]
UK: >([just grew apart over]
UK: >([everything]