WA: You know what they say-
WA: Trying to varnish a rusty friendship wagon with sentimentality- is like putting the cart before the omenbeast-
WA: And I just had a whole conversation about how little sense that makes-
WA: So if we could hop off the make believe monorail- and get back to whatever it is you're here for-
WA: That'd be great-
UK: >([you really dont believe me do you?]
WA: It's hard to believe a pathological liar-
WA: You flip personalities and conversation tactics- more than a tossed loop-
WA: It could land curve up and you'd say- "nah bro that's curve down- you're looking at it backwards-"
WA: That's the Murrit I know-
UK: >([goddamn. this is why i dont pick early session entry points if i can help it]
UK: >([its like pullin teeth without the base common knowledge]
UK: >([i swear im not trying to fuck with you.]
UK: >([deadass.]

UK: >([let me spell it out]
UK: >([im NOT murrit]
UK: >([not your murrit at least]
UK: >([the true one]