WA: Alright-
WA: I admit- this whole thing has a novel tone-
WA: And has also gone on longer than it usually does- when I don't play along-
WA: So I think my best plan of action- might be to start ignoring you-
WA: Because I don't feel charitable- when you talk about being covered in my friend's blood-
WA: At least not when it's to save your own skin-
WA: Or whatever fucked up shit- you decided to get your kicks from this time-
WA: We're done here-
UK: >([no no no wait]
UK: >([just]
UK: >([tell me what i need to do to convince you im not them]
WA: Tough break- there isn't anything-
WA: Get lost-
UK: >([is what im saying really that hard to buy]
UK: >([after everything youve seen? after everything we both know about this stupid fuckin game?]
UK: >([you might not know all the stuff my laivan did]
UK: >([i dunno some weird quirk of the one true path yadda yadda]
UK: >([but youve gotta realize this isnt any weirder than being soul-yanked into the static on the reg by the]
UK: >([what was it you called WN]
UK: >([that one time]
WA: The Knick Knack Paddywhack Give the Dog a Bone Man-
UK: >([yeah]
WA: Maybe I don't want to believe you right this second-
WA: Because I know that sooner or later- when I do-
WA: It's going to come back to bite me-
UK: >([well ive met millions of murrits so i think i can say w a measure of overextensive confidence]
UK: >([yea thats facts]
UK: >([and my particular story is long and convoluted and messy and nobody will remember it by the end anyway]
UK: >([except you. and boy you dont even know half of it lmao]
UK: >([you used to be real good at humoring me. and youve at least been pretending to do it here]
UK: >([can you just keep doing that?]
UK: >([asking sincerely btw, in case you still think this is some sick joke]
UK: >([i dont have anywhere else to go or anybody who can take your place]
UK: >([this is it for me]
UK: >([the rests already gone]
UK: >([i need something]
UK: >([please]