WA: When you put it like that- sounds like I don't have much of a choice-
UK: >([naw youve got every choice u could possibly make]
UK: >([im the saphappy sucker who doesnt have the luxury]
WA: Why's that-
UK: >([startin to think your personal definition of insanity has more legs than mine]
UK: >([once again reiterated for your viewing pleasure]
UK: >([cant tell you]
WA: I'm so sick of that excuse-
UK: >([only one i got]
WA: That's not very conducive to an alternate Turkin shuffle-
WA: Pretty regular Turkin flavor actually-
UK: >([alright ill throw you a bone]
WA: Wow-
UK: >([in my experience most other murrits cant handle this sorta thing for too long]
UK: >([once they realize everyones utterly fucked the typical response is to make some grand turn]
UK: >([stop whats happening at any cost, get it over with as fast as possible, try to find a loophole]
UK: >([that sorta gung-ho sideshow nonsense]
UK: >([i considered all three before hunkering down w the first one]
WA: Does this happen often- to your school of diverging fish disasters-
UK: >([from what ive seen yea]
UK: >([which is like a single decimal point coming after an infinite amount of zeroes]
UK: >([cant imagine what itd have been like if we won]
WA: Oh so you're like-
WA: Done with the Game-
UK: >([nah]
UK: >([well kind of]
UK: >([we wrapped up the game itself but our magnum opus was busted from the start]
UK: >([couldnt finish it and couldnt use the failsafe cuz of it]
UK: >([so our only option was to fight him head on]
WA: Him-?
UK: >([gaiaeon]
WA: Like- the Naught-Father-
WA: From religion-
UK: >([do you seriously not even fucking know that much oh my god what is going on over there]
UK: >([yeah gaiaeon. the naught-father, the abyss, the unreal, the antithesis, the endless, the bitch w infinite names who killed all my fuckin friends and will kill me too and then off himself in the process if he can help it.]
UK: >([can i finish? u dont believe me rn weve been over that so just let me talk.]
WA: Alright- jeez-
UK: >([we hashed it out with our version of WN and then it turned into a last resort resource game]
UK: >([more than it already was i mean]
UK: >([become as strong as possible and gather as much help as we could to have a fraction of a fraction of a chance to put him down for a minute]
UK: >([no joke we were proficient pure self fighting machines.]
UK: >([worked with our denizens to learn the ins and outs of every last possible ability combo whatever]
UK: >([when WN died and the static fell we tried to keep gaiaeon busy so he couldnt scream and rip everything apart instantly]
UK: >([like we all knew we were going to lose against him no matter what]
UK: >([but we had to try]
UK: >([fucker got the drop on us tho.]
UK: >([hes got all these secret entrances into the material world]
UK: >([we lost before we knew we were fighting. wasnt even close]
UK: >([hit the unfathomable freak with every insane bit of cosmic aspect alchemy, survival abilities, OP weapons, past session knowledge, armies of trolls and carapacians]
UK: >([we couldnt do anything. he just]
UK: >([fuck im gonna be sick thinking about it]
UK: >([i changed my mind ask another question]
WA: Okay-
WA: Why can you tell me all of this but not anything else-
UK: >([generalized statements are fine]
WA: What even counts as generalized in this oblique context-
UK: >([anything thats said without specific details]
UK: >([lettin u know that one vague event from one version of someones perspective can happen doesnt make a constant]
UK: >([but the more somethings thought about the bigger the chance for it to pop up at different points in different ways]
UK: >([and then its way more likely to happen again and again]
UK: >([mayb thats why we can talk in the first place]
WA: Are a bunch of non-Laivans and non-Murrits just doing this infinite times over-
UK: >([prolly]
WA: Haha-
UK: >([id ask some other murts what they think but my hoppers bunk now]
UK: >([plus youd have to sift through alts of alts and then alts of alts of alts]
UK: >([it gets messy and i dont feel like spending my last moments of fictional living scrollin thru an echo chamber of failure more than i already have]
WA: What are you doing over there then-
WA: Just sitting around- waiting to die-
UK: >([p much]
UK: >([if you wanna get technical im obscuring myself in his last blind spot]
UK: >([but its not gonna last forever]

UK: >([i did it hoping id think of some way to get outta this at the last possible second. turn it all back]
UK: >([but i know its not gonna happen]
UK: >([im out of time]