WA: Wait- let's run it back a bit-
WA: How do you know all those fail-
WA: Aren't they infinite-
UK: >([yea but its still such a tiny percentage the odds lean closer to impossible]
WA: To your credit- WN did also say that we'd blow it-
WA: I have part of our failsafe locked and loaded though-
WA: Under the assumption you're telling the truth- that might just mean what happened to you won't happen to us-
WA: Maybe WN said we won't win- because he didn't want to dish out overconfidence-
UK: >([u are a very literal and linear thinker my man]
WA: Keeps me humble-
UK: >([when your aspect forces u to think in infinites its never about whats possible]
UK: >([its only whats likely that matters]
UK: >([you can only take a peek at the future thru the lens of likelihood.]
UK: >([all the other stuff that gets crazy removed from the baseline might as well not exist]
UK: >([im the result of a decision your murrit couldve made]
UK: >([and heres the hilarious part. im a pretty popular option from what ive seen]
UK: >([but true murrit didnt do what i did]
UK: >([and that means im not real to anyone but myself]
UK: >([cause what happened to me is not what actually happened w them]
WA: Then how are we talking-
UK: >([when probabilities start to rupture logic flies outta the window.]
UK: >([at that point? anything goes]
UK: >([until gaiaeon wipes em out]
WA: So this conversation is just- one of an endlessly random anythings that could have happened to you with where you're at-
WA: Why did you do anything then-
WA: If nothing matters for you to begin with-

UK: >([mayb this is happenin bc thats what ur supposed to find out]
UK: >([or mayb im wrong about you being the true laivan and youre just another ruptured probability waitin to happen]
WA: Probability- probability probability probability-
WA: What does that even mean-?
WA: Give me a short definition-
UK: >([anything thats not part of the ongoing presents a probability]
UK: >([think futures that will never be playin out because the hyperthetical demands it]
UK: >([but they do anyways to sate the curiosity of whatever audience happens to be watchin at the time]
UK: >([from the beginning of time itself right up to this moment probabilities are calculated and created based on what couldve been done]
UK: >([theyve all got a fixed start point where they branch off from the true instance]
UK: >([and an end point where they stop making sense and fall apart]

UK: >([cuz theyre predicated on what wasnt done and only consider whats been done up to that split]
UK: >([some dont last a second]
UK: >([others can last ages]
UK: >([and mine ends here.]
WA: Does Gaiaeon just-
WA: Hate fun-
WA: Like- why would he even bother with these things that aren't real- and blow up on their own-
UK: >([cause they can cause real ripples under the right circumstances]
UK: >([hes not a fan of that]
UK: >([so when probabilities dont matter to their audiences anymore]
UK: >([gaiaeon picks up the slack and erases them]
UK: >([then its like they never mattered from the jump]
UK: >([i spent the past 32 nights tryin to find some way to keep that from happening]
UK: >([i did nothin but look ahead]
UK: >([to view all the probable outcomes of our coming conflict]