Murrit: Summon Metatron.

MURRIT: >([bweepdeep deedledeleetdeetdoot]
MURRIT: >([paging one mr tron get your ass up on t#e radio]
MURRIT: >([mr tron pleez come around over front t#eres papers for u to sign on my be#alf]
MURRIT: >([for all t#e fuckerbys in fuck#old fuckity fuck mr tron cummon]
MURRIT: >([im running in on 90s mr tron]
MURRIT: >([yur doing terrible no good very bad t#ings to my planets economy mr tron]
MURRIT: >([my testostogesterone is burning seven inc#es from t#e midnite suns mr tron]
MURRIT: >([if u dont get #ere on my dyme im gonna #ave to do somet#in drastic]
MURRIT: >([go all out]
MURRIT: >([spraypaint a wall]
MURRIT: >([mr tron]
MURRIT: >([mega tron]
MURRIT: >([telly tron]
MURRIT: >([deetdeetdeetdeep]