METATRON: good heavens.
METATRON: i could hear you readily. no need to keep running in circles around your ring of self-indulgent unfunny business.
METATRON: also, none of these are my name.
MURRIT: >([i kno]
MURRIT: >([t#eyre nicked names]
MURRIT: >([cuz were buddiez]
METATRON: what is it that you require.
MURRIT: >([a variety assortment of uer plastic wrapped goods n services]
METATRON: be specific, why don't you.
MURRIT: >([man yknow w#at im saying]
MURRIT: >([w#ere im cummin frum]
MURRIT: >([u feel me]
METATRON: i don't. i really, really don't.
MURRIT: >([t#oug#t you were an all seein sorta eye]
MURRIT: >([doesnt t#at mean you gotta gimme t#at customer service look at least]
METATRON: i'm beholden to assist you in your quest towards purification, but that does not mean i have to be charitable about it.
METATRON: you were mean to me.
MURRIT: >([i was mean at u not mean towards you]
METATRON: is there a difference?
MURRIT: >([got c#izz i need to scrumble toget#er w t#ose matter aligners]
MURRIT: >([ring all t#is in da catalog compendium or w#osaw#atsit so i can get into it]
METATRON: murrit, you haven't done much of anything since you got here.
METATRON: even with what the others have provided in resources and recipes, you don't have enough levels, dinero or high-grade assets to create anything beyond F-grade equipment.
METATRON: how do you intend on paying?
MURRIT: >([notta worry #ooc#ie im good for it]