Calder: Reread last conversation with "partner".

-- grandioseSaturation [GS] began trolling existereOracle [EO] --

GS: Doing my due diligence to check in on you and your current status.
GS: I'd like us to start making some headway sooner rather than later with our operation.
GS: There are only so many metaphorical wheels to grease before they need to get a move on.
EO: CaldΣr¡¡ Hi¡¡
EO: Sorry but could wΣ maybΣ postponΣ this¿¿
EO: I'm kinda in thΣ middlΣ of figuring somΣthing important out.
GS: Oh?
GS: Nothing that a little premeditated knowledge from your ancestor can't fix, I assume.
EO: Actually, I havΣn't ΣvΣn takΣn that worn old thing out sincΣ wΣ got hΣrΣ.
EO: Thinking about it kind of frΣaks mΣ out a littlΣ tbh. =:/
GS: Have you not read it several times at this point?
EO: WΣll, it's morΣso about thΣ sylladΣx I stashΣd it in than thΣ book itsΣlf.
EO: ArcjΣc gavΣ mΣ this sparΣ bootlΣg hΣ had lying around and I think it got rΣarrangΣd wΣirdly in thΣ capturΣ log cards or whatΣvΣr.
EO: But what do I know¡¡ I'vΣ nΣvΣr usΣd onΣ of thΣsΣ dang dΣvicΣs.
GS: You should have asked me. I would have gladly parted with one of my old models.
GS: We need to rely on each other in times of need, as we talked about before.
EO: LikΣ I said, now isn't Σxactly a grΣat timΣ to gΣt into that stuff.
GS: Name a better one, then.
EO: Any point that isn't right now and is latΣr on¡¡¡¡
EO: Laivan's tΣlling mΣ about a big discovΣry hΣ's madΣ.
GS: Interesting.
EO: Basically, I think thΣrΣ's somΣthing sΣriously wrong with this wholΣ GamΣ thing...
GS: You mean more than we already realize?
EO: Lots morΣ¡¡
EO: I want to gΣt to thΣ bottom of it first.
GS: Alright. Terribly vague, but I'll place my faith in you.
GS: I'm expecting a full debrief once all is said and done.
GS: Just remember, our deal requires us to confide in each other first and foremost.
EO: YΣΣsh, you'rΣ nΣΣdy¡¡¡¡ MaybΣ ΣvΣn morΣ than mΣ¡¡¡¡
EO: Stop acting likΣ I'm just going to walk away out of nowhΣrΣ¡¡ I fully intΣnd on pulling my wΣight hΣrΣ.
EO: I will tΣll you and ALSO ΣvΣryonΣ ΣlsΣ ΣvΣrything you nΣΣd to know oncΣ I havΣ crackΣd this puzzlΣbox widΣ opΣn.
EO: THΣN you can gΣt on your solvΣntcannistΣr and spΣak as you sΣΣ fit.
EO: It's only thΣ friΣndly thing to do. =;P

-- existereOracle [EO] stopped trolling grandioseSaturation [GS] --