PO: ~so...~
PO: ~Are you going +o +ell me wha+ happened?~
DQ: *why*would*i*do*that*?
PO: ~Uh~
PO: ~maybe because I'm curious and i wan+ +o know?~
PO: ~be+ween +hen and now you've apparen+ly had +his glorious epiphany. or a+ leas+ +ha+'s wha+ you made i+ sound like~
PO: ~I was expec+ing more hand wringing and less bla+an+ avoidance~
DQ: *cant*imagine*any*reason*for*me*to*get*my*well*manicured*hands*nasty*like*that*
DQ: *avoidance*is*the*only*reasonable*option*
DQ: *but*i*think*you*can*glean*the*details*pretty*easily*
DQ: *i*have*not*become*the*pure*oneself*as*you*can*undoubtedly*discern*
DQ: *given*the*obvious*permanence*of*my*mortal*coil*
DQ: *which*i*am*using*to*message*you*at*present*
DQ: *thats*about*it*
DQ: *minus*a*shred*of*direct*ancestral*intervention*
PO: ~+he fuck?~
DQ: *no*fucks*allowed*here*
PO: ~+m+~
DQ: *so*the*star*children*were*a*fluke*
DQ: *and*
DQ: *to*pull*a*proper*"you"*
DQ: *i*punched*a*bitch*about*it*
DQ: *and*then*got*really*mad*as*a*result*of*the*bitch*punching*
PO: ~Oh my god?~
PO: ~Where was +his unnamed bi+ch punched?~
DQ: *in*the*mouth*
PO: ~IN +HE MOU+H???~
DQ: *thats*where*the*bitch*was*punched*yes*
PO: ~i +hough+ you were a pacifis+ you dir+y liar~
PO: ~I seriously can'+ imagine you punching any+hing +ha+'s no+ been doused in essen+ial oils firs+~
DQ: *well*believe*it*
DQ: *im*rude*now*
PO: ~Also "fuck" is ou+, bu+ "bi+ch" is in vogue?~
DQ: *within*reason*yes*
DQ: *but*we*have*used*all*of*the*time*allotted*for*rowdiness*and*the*uncouth*
DQ: *i*am*manifesting*a*wholesome*aura*around*the*rest*of*these*proceedings*
DQ: *a*safe*space*
DQ: *this*is*your*pity*party*taz*i*put*it*together*just*for*you*
DQ: *and*yet*you*are*not*breaking*it*down*on*the*floor*pale*style*
DQ: *while*i*nod*and*tell*you*that*youre*doing*a*great*job*before*we*cuddle*it*out*
DQ: *come*
DQ: *let*us*cha*cha*real*smooth*together*
PO: ~will you S+OP bringing +ha+ up~
PO: ~Ugh. +here you go again wi+h +he weird formali+y~
PO: ~+he way you always +ry +o do +hese +hings isn+ very fun for ei+her side of +he diamond albion~
DQ: *what*do*you*mean*?
PO: ~You KNOW wha+ i mean~
PO: ~me scraping a+ +he door and fed seda+ive pleasan+ries +o keep my composure~
PO: ~cause you have +o keep YOUR composure so ac+ually lis+ening and feeling shi+ is never an op+ion~
PO: ~For +he record, i don'+ wan+ a soo+hing word salad~
PO: ~and a lo+ of wha+ i wan+ is already fairly ou+ of my grasp. near cons+an+ logis+ical impossibili+ies y'know~
PO: ~Ei+her due +o circums+ances or jus+~
PO: ~because I'm me.~
PO: ~So don'+ +ry +o do +he damn residen+ shoulder +hing anymore if you're really +HA+ done wi+h i+.~
PO: ~i always come +o you because i'm looking for suppor+. ~
PO: ~YOUR suppor+.~
PO: ~no+ because i wan+ you +o sand down my edges like almos+ everyone else +ries +o.~
PO: ~+ha+'s no+ wha+'s going +o be happening here, righ+?~
DQ: *taz*i*
DQ: *i*never*wanted*to*do*that*to*you*in*the*first*place*
DQ: *not*the*sanding*nor*the*placating*
DQ: *or*to*anyone*else*for*that*matter*
DQ: *it*was*frankly*exhausting*
PO: ~why did you do i+ a+ all +hen?~
DQ: *i*was*always*told*it*was*a*necessary*aspect*of*my*training*
DQ: *and*later*that*it*would*grant*me*strength*for*our*game*session*
DQ: *in*order*to*eliminate*certain*malefactors*and*give*us*an*edge*
DQ: *not*that*i*really*care*about*that*part*
DQ: *i*suppose*its*become*force*of*habit*at*this*point*
DQ: *but*again*i*must*stress*this*is*not*about*me*
PO: ~Yeah because i+'s supposed +o be abou+ US you caramel covered cucumber mask washed doorag!~
PO: ~+his is a WE +hing.~
PO: ~me. you. +oge+her.~
PO: ~If we're gonna +alk, we be++er bare our +ee+h, hi+ +he ground un+il our knuckles bleed and le+ i+ OU+.~
PO: ~no nookfoo+ing. no blase nonsense.~
DQ: *my*dear*
DQ: *i*would*really*truly*like*nothing*more*
DQ: *but*you*first*
DQ: *please*
DQ: *i*insist*
PO: ~...~
PO: ~my lusus is dead.~