DQ: *oh*no*
DQ: *thats*dreadful*
DQ: *im*so*sorry*
PO: ~don'+ be. she did i+ +o herself.~
PO: ~I +hink +he wors+ +hing abou+ i+ was +ha+ she basically had +o do i+... in some convolu+ed way~
DQ: *nobody*ever*has*to*do*something*so*drastic*
DQ: *im*certain*that*she*had*her*reasons*
PO: ~She's an animal.~
PO: ~Well, was.~
PO: ~+here's only so many feral +hough+s +ha+ could've been buzzing inside +ha+ head.~
PO: ~i guess for once she chose fligh+ ins+ead of figh+. jumped righ+ in+o +he ocean.~
PO: ~and wha+ do you know, +he shredded remains of her carcass and +he rocks surrounding my hive paved +he way +o my en+ry codes. was her blood on +he wa+er.~
DQ: *that*is*brutal*
DQ: *and*its*terrible*you*had*to*witness*it*
PO: ~i've seen worse.~
DQ: *never*has*that*sentence*been*a*consolation*
PO: ~yeah, i+'s no+. jus+ a fac+~
PO: ~back when i+ was happening i figured she was jus+ scared of +he me+eors and i dunno. missed +he wa+er or some+hing~
PO: ~she never go+ +o swim a single nigh+ in her life because she knew even a dip in +he shallowes+ par+s of +he dep+hs would skin her alive~
DQ: *this*might*be*a*little*left*field*but*
DQ: *i*too*have*some*fond*memories*of*her*
DQ: *i*know*that*your*custodian*often*killed*the*lowbloods*that*pozzol*brought*to*your*hive*
DQ: *but*she*never*hurt*any*of*us*whenever*you*managed*to*sneak*us*over*
DQ: *she*even*picked*me*up*in*her*mouth*once*or*twice*
DQ: *it*was*a*little*sweet*actually*
PO: ~+ha+'s why i+ was so confusing +o me.~
PO: ~Why did she jus+...  decide +o +hrow every+hing away?~
PO: ~i could barely see s+raigh+, my psyOP was going berserk~
PO: ~bu+ some+ime during my en+ry i+ hi+ me~
PO: ~i mean, i+ was +he only way her ac+ions made any sense...~
PO: ~Wha+ if she knew?~
DQ: *know*what*exactly*?
PO: ~+ha+ +his was some+hing +ha+ needed +o happen, and +ha+ i+ was impor+an+ for me +o reac+ +he way I did so I could keep going?~
PO: ~i don'+ know who or wha+ or how +ha+ would have been communica+ed +o her bu+~
PO: ~she was supposed +o be a second hand wa+chmink for +he ringleaders af+er i earned my freedom +o come and go from +he creed~
PO: ~if i s+epped ou+ of line... she was supposed +o sni+ch~
PO: ~bu+ she never did.~
PO: ~ins+ead, she dragged in raw mea+ for me when she could so i didn'+ have +o go ou+~
PO: ~she +ook on +he burden of mangling +hose innocen+ +rolls before i could even ge+ my hands on +hem some of +he +ime~
PO: ~and you know i don'+ believe in wha+ever fa+alis+ic flavor of +he wice all of +hese suckups online +ry +o find comfor+ in bu+...~
PO: ~she had +o have done +ha+ for me~
PO: ~and i+ ended +he same way i+ always does for anyone else who +ries +o help me run away from wha+ my ances+or planned for me~
PO: ~she go+ hur+~
PO: ~and she died.~
PO: ~ano+her no+ch on +he fu+ure for+mis+ress championship bel+.~