SECILY: 4.Bc4 Don't you understand? ...Bb4+
SECILY: 5.c3 Our legacy is the broken system we spent our whole lives writhing under... and propping up. ...dxc3
SECILY: 6.bxc3 Isn't it miserable? ...Ba5
SECILY: 7.O-O I'd always liked him more. You remind me too much of myself. ...d6

HAMIFI: That's what you preach.∞
SECILY: 8.e5 What you wanted never mattered much. Not to me. ...Be6
HAMIFI: As if you could ever know what I've been through!∞
SECILY: 9.Bxe6 Hamifi, did you forget? I know everything about you. ...fxe6
SECILY: 10.exd6 You carry that sword like a bruise. Pathetic. ...Qxd6
SECILY: 11.Qb3 Focus, Ms. Hekrix. ...O-O-O

SECILY: 12.Ng5 Shall we wear twin veils? All the remorse, all the mistakes. ...Rd7
SECILY: 13.Nxe6 There is so much to mourn! Finally, we match. ...Bb6
SECILY: 14.Ng5 Isn't that what you always wanted? To be like me? ...Nh6

SECILY: 15.Nd2 You let me go. You let it happen. ...Ng4
SECILY: 16.Ndf3 Because you cared too much. You're weak. ...Nxf2

SECILY: 17.Rxf2 Look at the scared little girl. Playing pretend like she knows better. ...Qd1+ 0-1