**demiurgeQuantified [DQ] began trolling gigantisDebilitation [GD]**

DQ: has it begun.
GD: Which “it” /\re you t/\lking /\bout///
GD: There /\re /\ lot of “its” going on for me right now so you’re going to h/\\/e to be /\ little more specific///

DQ: the meteors.
DQ: do they now skate across the densely packed evening sky chasms, painting over its canvas with their eagerly weaving flares?

GD: Ye/\h I s/\w th/\t///
GD: Wouldn’t describe it /\s /\nything so highf/\luting myself, though///
GD: It’s just /\nother /\ddition to the e\/er-growing pile of shit I h/\\/e to de/\l with///
GD: /\t the top of the pile is trying to /\\/oid /\ second skirmish with my lusus tod/\y///
GD: I’\/e tucked /\w/\y ne/\r the w/\terf/\ll to throw off his tr/\il///
GD: There’s no winning here, the most i c/\n do is hold him off or this///
GD: Hoping he w/\nders f/\r enough /\w/\y for me to just sne/\k p/\st him, but /\t this point th/\t’s not looking \/ery likely either///
GD: Not with motormouth w/\tching my e\/ery mo\/e /\nd trying to tell me his most potent f/\cts th/\t gi\/es my cr/\ni/\l m/\tter l/\ct/\te rot///
GD: Luckily I got him under my control using /\ cl/\ssic shut up technique///
GD: But I guess this meteor g/\rb/\ge me/\ns I don’t re/\lly h/\\/e too long to w/\it /\round///
GD: I’m prob/\bly de/\d here either w/\y///
GD: Considering /\rm/\geddon is /\pp/\rently b/\rreling down on us from the sky///

DQ: death is inevitable.
DQ: there is no certainty other than that it will one day happen to us all.
DQ: however, unlike most others, our concerns need not lie in the immediate future.
DQ: we have been chosen.
DQ: we perpetuate the meaning of life itself and as such, are special.
DQ: more so than anyone else on this planet, in any place, or at any time.
DQ: our lives are what matter, conceited as that sounds.
DQ: that is why these events have been set into motion.
DQ: it is all for a singular, unified purpose, down to even the most minute of details.
DQ: details which i am about to entrust with you, and only you.
DQ: do not follow credence of the man who spins words like yarn, mersiv.