GD: Ok/\y, first of /\ll, you're st/\rting to sound kind of weird///
GD: Second of /\ll, I h/\\/e no fucking clue who you're t/\lking /\bout///
GD: Third of /\ll, wh/\t does th/\t h/\\/e to do with my current situ/\tion?///
GD: E\/en if I'm "speci/\l", wh/\te\/er the fuck th/\t /\ctu/\lly me/\ns, how does th/\t help me not die \/i/\ incon\/enient meteor shower?///
GD: Or e\/en more incon\/enient /\ngry lusus, for th/\t m/\tter///
GD: Honestly, it sounds like you’re feeding me me/\ningless pl/\titudes in order to distr/\ct me from my imminent doom///
GD: /\nd no offense, /\lbion, but I don't c/\re if I'm import/\nt///
GD: I just w/\nt to sur\/i\/e///
DQ: the path to salvation will reveal itself to you, when it must.
DQ: my role is not to shepherd you along it, but rather to provide counsel and direction in seeking it yourself.
DQ: this includes soothing your fears, so that you might embrace full clarity of mind and body. i have learned that the only effective way of accomplishing that is by understanding the true reality of your circumstance, as well as your being.
DQ: for without my guidance, you will remain ignorant.
DQ: this is what i wish to offer. but the ultimate choice is yours.
DQ: wishes do not solve problems, and hoping for them only makes the dilemma more prevalent.
DQ: ...something they certainly do not understand.

GD: Oh, I think I underst/\nd my circumst/\nces pretty well without your oh-so-generous "guid/\nce", th/\nk you \/ery much///
GD: If you would gr/\nt me the f/\\/or of /\ctu/\lly listening to me for two seconds, I will demonstr/\te///
GD: /\re you re/\dy? Here we go///
GD: I /\m currently str/\nded between /\ rock /\nd /\ h/\rd pl/\ce, /\nd /\ll you seem interested in doing is w/\sting wh/\t little time I h/\\/e left m/\king /\bsolutely NO sense /\t /\ll!///
GD: Th/\t's just the running theme tod/\y, /\pp/\rently! God, wh/\t is up with you too, of /\ll people?///
GD: You know, I'm not re/\lly sure I like this///
GD: Wh/\te\/er's going on with you right now, I me/\n. Not /\ f/\n of this new quirkless tone either///
GD: D/\mn it. I guess I should m/\ybe TRY to listen if you're offering///
GD: While I still c/\n///
GD: Not like I h/\\/e /\ny other resources /\\//\il/\ble to me right now///
GD: But if you're not going to help me figure out how to de/\l with the meteor or the liz/\rd situ/\tion, could you /\t le/\st expl/\in who the hell this y/\rn guy is? /\s concisely /\s possible, ple/\se///
GD: If I could /\\/oid h/\\/ing to de/\l with /\nother bout of \//\pid ch/\tterboxing, th/\t would be gre/\t///
DQ: he is the one who oversees life in the name of actuality, beyond time itself.
DQ: he is the one who speaks in broken tones.
DQ: one who prepares to use our worth in a game of destiny, where none of us have any choice in our inclusion.
DQ: where even those in the background will be affected and unknowingly pave the way to the locus we are bound to reach.
DQ: you will know his mark when finding blackened text in a place of scattered sound.
DQ: and you will know of the limeblooded vessel to his heart.
DQ: stop her.
DQ: save yourself.

GD: Th/\t's it? Not e\/en /\ n/\me or /\nything?///
GD: /\nd wh/\t's this nonsense /\bout /\ limeblood /\ll of /\ sudden///
GD: /\re you t/\lking /\bout EO?///
GD: Did she do something?///
GD: Hey///
GD: /\lbion///
GD: /\re you there??///
GD: Who do you me/\n?///
GD: Wh/\t the hell is going ON??///
GD: How /\m I supposed to s/\\/e myself if I don't e\/en know wh/\t I'm s/\\/ing myself FROM besides some dumb sp/\ce rock hurtling in my direction???///
DQ: i have finished entrusting you with my thoughts and feelings.
DQ: spread them. spark the crusade you were meant to in another life.
DQ: you will know the reason why soon enough.
DQ: it has already been ensured by this conversation alone.
DQ: this only needed to last long enough for me to preserve a small beacon of hope in my scion.
DQ: farewell, mersiv, and i wish good fortune on you and yours for the journey ahead.