Murrit: Examine wall.

This wall was never desecrated, still standing after all the history centered around it. It was a rather fortunate outcome that the TROLLS WHO CONSTRUCTED THIS TEMPLE (and now part time hentai dungeon) AS A PLACE OF WORSHIP were nice enough to leave this section intact. Unlike much of the rest of the temple, which you had to recover and reconstruct bit by bit. So you took note of this particular side first thing, and after that was completed, THEN you trashed it.

Responsibility is a powerful thing in your hands.

You also take note of your important pair of EMERGENCY SHADES, which are down here just in case you happened to be rushing haphazardly into an abandoned cathedral under the orders of some OLD WORDS ON A WALL and a SKELETON to await the release of a dubiously explained cataclysmic phenomenon. A time just like now, in fact.

You put the shades on and snicker a little about how dumb this all sounds on paper, or in this case, walls.