Murrit: Examine wall.

This wall was never desecrated. An impressive feat that the thing still stands to this day, considering all the tumultuous history centered around it.

It was rather nice of the trolls who built this PLACE OF WORSHIP (and part time HENTAI DUNGEON) to leave this section intact for you. You guess they only had enough self control not to upheave a handful of walls though, since you had to painstakingly recover and reconstruct pretty much the entire thing by yourself, bit by bit. Like, the whole-ass temple. Which took a while.

You still remember how you celebrated this fortunate turn of events a few sweeps ago: by immediately taking note of the sigils on this side, as was your sworn duty.

And after that was done, you further celebrated by redecorating the HELL out of it.

Responsibility is a malleable concept in your hands.

Ah, there they are: your essential pair of EMERGENCY SHADES, which you left down here on an earlier visit. Just in case you happened to find yourself haphazardly rushing into an abandoned cathedral, completely bare-faced, following the directions of a LIVING SKELETON MAN and some ANCIENT WRITINGS in order to wait for the release of a dubiously explained cataclysmic phenomenon. A cataclysmic phenomenon that will bring about the end times through the power of VIDEO GAMES.  

You equip the EMERGENCY SHADES and allow yourself a private snicker at just how impossibly dumb this all sounds on paper. Or in this case, walls.